Happy Holidays to all.  We here at The Healthy Smile wish you and your family all the best during this wonderful part of the year.

Dentistry makes the news now and then.  Most of the time it is about some kind of new technology or new benefits that proper dental health can have for people.  Recently though, there was a news item that was just featured in the last week on one of the local television stations.  They have an investigative reporter who likes to sensationalize about every story that he comes in contact with.

There was a report earlier this year of a woman in Columbus who went to her dentist to have a crown put into her mouth.  Somehow, one way or the other, she had found out that there was lead in this dental crown that was placed into her mouth.  Apparently, her dentist used a cheap, dental laboratory, which was only known for its low prices and certainly not for its quality.  Most dental crowns are porcelain fused to metal and in this case the lead was actually found in the porcelain component and not in the metal component.

When you are getting a dental crown or any dental restoration in the dental office, it is important for the dentist to use well-known, biocompatible materials that have been well tested.  Many patients have allergies to certain kinds of metals such as nickel.  There are dentists who still use the metal nickel in some of their dental crowns.  In our office, whenever we are having a porcelain and metal crown made for a patient, we only use gold that has the longest track record in dentistry in being the most biocompatible material that is out there.  Lead and certain other metals really have no place in your dental restorations.  We also use a highly respected dental laboratory that even offers a testing service to prove that what they say is their dental materials is really in there.

Next time you are getting any kind of dental restoration, make sure you discuss with your dentist, what in fact is going into your mouth.  And don’t – the end of the year is coming, so make sure that you come in for a dental check up and any treatment before you lose your dental insurance benefits for this year.

We are happy to offer a free comprehensive benefit analysis and a free consultation to help you make the most out of your dental benefits.  Call The Healthy Smile – Bay Village Dentist for an appointment at 440-892-1810.  We are here to help you smile.

-Dr. Malcmacher

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