I hope all of the readers of The Villager are smiling because, guess what, we

are now closer to the end of winter than we are to the beginning! Truth be

told, it’s been a pretty decent winter in northeast Ohio. Let’s just hope we

get through the next few weeks with just enough snow to keep the skiers

happy, but with warmer temperatures.

You know, there are estimates that 50% of the US population does not go to

the dentist because of their fear of pain. We can all understand that. Until

recently, going to the dentist has not been that pleasant of an experience.

With the advent of dental lasers, very effective anesthetics, and minimally

invasive dental procedures, going to the dentist has become very well


One of the areas that we never thought about before, but is a real cause of

concerns to patients, has been the fear of getting their teeth cleaned. Many

patients have told me over the years that they have not gone back to the

dentist because the last time they got their teeth cleaned, they were in such

pain afterwards, or the entire process was very painful.

This creates quite the dilemma in the dental office. If people come and get

their teeth cleaned every six months, we get to catch their problems very

early and can maintain their mouth in a healthy state for a long, long time.

But, if people don’t come regularly to get their teeth cleaned, primarily

because it hurts to get their teeth cleaned, then we have to do everything we

can to find a solution.

Going to a dentist every six months or more often than that for some

patients, is really crucial to long-term oral health, which then leads to long-

term general health.

There are a few reasons why getting a dental cleaning has been painful in the

past. One of the reasons is because of the sonic instruments that many

hygienists use. The instrument causes a very high-pitched sound and spits

out a lot of cold water, which can sensitize teeth and the vibration can really

be translated into the feeling of pain.

Well, that problem has now been solved in our office with the addition of a

brand new piece of equipment called the Pro Select Platinum Scaler. This is

an electronic instrument that requires very little force as it is applied to the

tooth while effectively cleaning the teeth very softly. It will do a very good

job, even for those people who have not had their teeth cleaned for a while

because they can’t stand the pain while getting their teeth cleaned. Sure, if

your teeth are already sensitive, you may still get a little zing here and there,

but this instrument has been really been very well accepted by our patients

who make comments like, “That was the best cleaning I’ve ever had because

it didn’t hurt a bit!” As someone who teaches other dentists across the

country about new technology in dentistry, even I am amazed at how easy

and simple this cleaning instrument is, and we are proud to offer this to our


Come in today to discover a whole new dental cleaning. Call Joyce today at

440-892-1810. We are here to help you smile.

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