I am always amazed at people who are meticulous at taking care of some of their belongings. For example, I know someone who collects cars. He owns, at any time, between 15 and 20 cars. He literally spends many of his waking moments taking care of these cars. Some he hasn’t driven in months! Each car will get its oil changed every three months or 3000 miles, whether they need it or not. He is constantly polishing and waxing these cars and will not tolerate even the slightest amount of dust to land on his precious vehicles.

I know someone who loves fish and has a number of fish tanks. He spends most of his waking moments feeding the fish, cleaning the tanks, and making sure that the water is perfect for his precious little babies. He’ll make sure that the eco-environment with the tank is exactly the way it would be if these fish were in their natural habitat. You could literally eat off of these fish tanks because they are so clean.

However, both of these gentlemen, when it comes to their mouths, don’t nearly do the job that they do on their hobbies. This is something that always amazes me about us human being. We can be so meticulous and clean in one area of our lives and then totally ignore another area. If these two fellows that I mentioned above took care of their mouths as well as they took care of their hobbies, they would still have all of their teeth today. Instead, both of these gentlemen have to rely on false teeth to try to chew their food and grin a big smile. Had they just taken some of the time and some of the money to ensure their teeth were as healthy as their cars and their fish, then they would have had a much better quality of life with their natural teeth intact. The Mayo Clinic has a study that shows people with their natural teeth will live an estimated 10 years longer than people without their teeth. Isn’t proper dental care worth investing in or making as your new hobby?

You can’t smile with your fish tank and you can’t chew with your cars. You can take a little time and effort to make sure that your teeth will last a long time so that you will have a big, healthy smile that will allow you to chew and smile naturally, and consequently enjoy all aspects of life, including your hobbies. We can help you do that. Call today for a free consultation at 440-892-1810. We’re here to help you smile.

-Dr. Malcmacher

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