Can you imagine that nearly half of the U.S.
population does not go to a dentist on a regular basis
or at all?

There may be a variety of reasons for this, but one
of the main ones is that they are afraid of the pain of getting
their teeth worked on.

For all of you dentalphobics out there, let me assure
you that technology has really brought us into the 21st Century
by making dentistry nearly pain free. You can get that
big, beautiful smile you always wanted with no discomfort
at all.

How can we achieve this? Well, first of all, dental anesthetics
are the best they have ever been. They work faster
and more profoundly so that you will feel nothing at all
during the procedure. We use topical anesthetics in our office
to numb the gum before an injection is made, which
makes everybody much more comfortable.
All of the procedures that we do, which include root canals,
crowns, esthetics, gum work, and you just about name
it, take much less time than they used to. There is no reason
that having a cap done on your tooth needs to take 2 ½
hours any more. This procedure in our office usually takes
between 30 and 45 minutes to prepare the tooth and take
an impression and 15 minutes to have the final cap put on.

How about for the many of you who don’t want to feel
anything at all? Well, sleep dentistry is for you. Our team
can have you resting and sleeping comfortably as we go
ahead and perform the dentistry that you need. When you
wake up, you will feel great knowing that you finally received
the dental care that you needed for years. Now you
can get those broken teeth fixed and the smile that you’ve
always wanted and sleep right through the entire procedure.

Call us today at 440-892-1810 for a free consultation
for your dental needs. We are here and ready to help you
at any time. After all, our goal is to help you develop and
maintain a healthy smile.

-Dr. M.

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