I hope all of the readers of The Villager are enjoying a wonderful spring
season. Even though the temperatures are up and down, we know eventually
that they will be going up, up and even up higher. So go out there – breathe in the fresh air and start enjoying spring and enjoying life!

I really have two full-time jobs, and maybe even three full-time jobs, whenyou add family to the mix. I am a dentist in Bay Village, as all of you know. That is one of my full-time jobs. My second full-time job is traveling the country and speaking to different dental societies and teaching dentists about new techniques and technologies that are available to make their patients’ experience in the dental chair much better and much easier. My third full-time job is of course being a father to four wonderful children and grandfather to my beautiful grandchildren.


I’m always honored when I am asked to speak to some of the local dental
societies. Just recently I spoke at the Lorain Dental Society. I have to say that we are very lucky in northeast Ohio because my local fellow dentists are amazing professionals who are very adept at delivering the best dental care around.


One issue that comes up at dental meetings that I teach is an issue that comes up with patients such as yourself on a day-to- day basis is “How do I afford dental care?” We make it easy in our office because we have Care Credit. I am always amazed how many people know about Care Credit. Care Credit is a medical and dental financing company that patients can use at a dental office, veterinarian office, medical, plastic surgical, surgical, and an opthalmalogical office. It turns out that a lot of people already know about Care Credit. If you have a Care Credit account that you opened because your pet may have needed some kind of medical procedure, you can use that same account in our dental office. If you financed any kind of lasik or any other kind of eye surgery with Care Credit, you can use that rotating credit line which is at very favorable terms, here at The Healthy Smile. If you have a Care Credit account that you opened with us, it’s the same thing –you can use it just about anywhere else. Care Credit helps make needed and elective dentistry very affordable, with up to 12 interest-free payment plans.

You can apply for it over the Internet at or even here
while you are here in our office. You literally can get the answer back
within a matter of minutes, and then begin your dental work immediately.

We’ll do our best to help you afford dental treatment and certainly, Care
Credit is one of the easiest ways to accomplish that. We also can pre-
approve you with Care Credit with a process that does not even show up on
your credit report, to see if you are a good candidate for affordable financing options, so that you can finally get the needed and desired dental treatment that you have been considering for some time.

We hope you will give Care Credit serious consideration. Please call us
today at 440-892- 1810 for any of your dental needs. We are here to help you smile!

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