It may be cold and snowy outside, but we know that our long-awaited spring is just around the corner!

Speaking of long-awaited, many brides’ dreams will be realized within those busy wedding months. Every bride envisions walking down the aisle, with a stunning white dress cascading behind her, and a beaming groom waiting to take her hand. But wait – are the smiles, photographer ready? Are the smiles all set to be featured in photos that will be viewed for generations to come?

Whether you are the bride, groom, member of the wedding party or honored family member or friend, we are sure you will want to have your smile photo-ready for the big day. We recommend that you come in for a dental consultation as soon as you know the wedding date. To determine the health of your mouth and the degree of work that needs to be done, it is wise to address fixing your smile sooner rather than later.

Let’s talk about the many factors involved in creating the perfect smile, starting with the condition of the teeth and gums, the spacing and straightness of the teeth, the condition of any fillings, crowns or other existing dental work and of course, the color of the teeth. We can advise you if bonding, veneers or crowns can solve the problem of chipped, broken or cracked teeth. If you have gaps between your teeth, you may not necessarily need orthodontics. Also, teeth that are crooked or overlapping can also be corrected in as little as two appointments. Pointy, square or uneven in length teeth can easily and comfortably be reshaped. Uneven gums that throw a smile out of sync can also be corrected. Teeth whitening is safe, effective and a very easy pick me up. And of course, being refreshed with a professional cleaning can’t be beat.

Call us today at 440-892-1810 for a free consultation for any of your dental needs. We are here and ready to help you change an everyday smile into a once-in-a-lifetimeevent, beautiful, healthy smile.

-Dr. Malcmacher

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