Dental Services

The Healthy Smile dental center in Bay Village, OH, offers a comprehensive menu of services to patients. From routine cleanings to complicated procedures, patients can find the results they want to restore and enhance their smile at our dental office.

General Dental Services in Bay Village, Ohio

The core patient services offered at The Healthy Smile dental center revolve around practices meant to help patients both achieve healthy smiles and enhance overall health. Those procedures include:

Comprehensive Dental Services

When issues are identified that go beyond routine services, our menu of restorative procedures include treatments like:

cosmetic dentistry

Get your smile looking it’s best with our cosmetic dentistry services, including composite/tooth colored fillings & teeth whitening.

Prepare-Less Veneers or the Snap-On smile gives you a beautiful confident smile at far less than the cost of traditional dental veneers.

Implant Dentistry

Learn about the different types of implant dentistry we offer, including traditional dental implants and dentures with mini implants to help you enjoy eating, smiling, & talking again.

Your teeth may need to be extracted for a variety of reasons. Advanced extractions allow the greatest degree of healing and preparation for future dental procedures.  

Invisalign invisible orthodontics

Learn how invisible orthodontics including the Invisalign® teeth straightening system can help you enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.

Inflamed root canals are a dental issue that can cause severe pain that can kill the nerves in the tooth above. Get relief today!

Sometimes the simplest way to restore damaged or decayed teeth are with dental crowns and bridges. Learn more here.

Other Procedures Available

Our dental office also offers Botox, night guards, oral surgery, pediatric services, periodontal surgery and prosthodontics. After consulting with the dentist, patients may find that their recommended treatment plan includes a mix of procedures design to enable the best smile possible.

Make Your Dental Appointment Today

Whether you need restorative dental services or cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile, contact The Healthy Smile dental clinic in Bay Village today. Patients can dial 440-892-1810 to make their first appointment or use our handy web form to request an appointment.