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Advanced Extractions in Bay Village, OH

Dental extractions become necessary for many different reasons: periodontal disease, large cavities, tooth damage and overcrowding of teeth. While tooth removal is often a routine dental procedure, advanced extractions might be necessary to help prevent bone loss in the jaw as well as to prevent future dental issues or prepare for future dental implants or bridges.

Dr. Gross and his team at The Healthy Smile in Bay Village carefully examines patients at risk for tooth loss to determine the best course of action to restore dental health while proactively working to prevent future issues. When necessary, our dentists may recommend advanced extraction therapy.

Understanding Advanced Extraction Therapy

If you have been identified as a candidate for advanced extraction therapy, you may wonder what to expect. You might be concerned over the appearance of your smile after the treatment has been completed. Understanding how this procedure is conducted may help to allay your concerns.

Advanced extraction therapy begins with the removal of the diseased or damaged tooth. Once the tooth is gone, the tooth socket has to be thoroughly cleaned out to ensure no pieces of the tooth or tissues that could cause infection are left behind. Once the area is clean, the dentist will begin the bone graft process by inserting that material into the tooth socket. This graft helps your jaw regrow some bone structure around the graft, strengthening the area around the tooth socket. Finally, sutures are placed to close the tooth socket and secure the bone grafting material.

Identifying When Advanced Extractions are Necessary

Patients to whom dentists advise advanced extractions often have experienced other extractions in the past. Others have poor jaw bone health or overall dental health. The primary aim of advanced extraction therapy is to preserve the remaining bone and bone structure around the area where extraction has become necessary.

Additionally, patients who may be candidates for dental implants, bridges and dentures in the future can experience better results after undergoing advanced extraction therapy. Aesthetically, this procedure can also impact a patient’s smile, blending the area of the extracted tooth more seamlessly with surrounding teeth due to the bone graft procedure. The length of time between extraction and the implantation of an artificial tooth may also be shortened through this type of intervention.

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