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Cosmetic Dentistry in Bay Village, OH

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental offices often address both restorative and cosmetic dentistry issues to restore a patient’s healthy and attractive smile. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of your teeth, ensuring that the techniques used to create a smile you’ll be proud to share. The Healthy Smile in Bay Village, OH, uses the latest and most cutting-edge techniques to improve any aspect of your smile that leaves you feeling self-conscious. Through the cosmetic services we perform, we’ll work on your teeth to ensure each is picture perfect.

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services our office offers is teeth whitening treatments. Teeth can become shades of off-white or yellowed for a variety of reasons, including age, smoking or inadequate at-home dental care. Regardless of the reason, we’re happy to offer various teeth whitening packages that include in-office treatments as well as take-home solutions. We even offer one-hour whitening services to ensure you leave our office with beautiful teeth that improve your overall smile and appearance.

White fillings can fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry because they bond seamlessly with your teeth, making it hard to detect that you ever had a cavity. While amalgam or metal fillings are still available, white fillings are designed to match your exact tooth color. That leaves you with a perfect smile composed of healthy and attractive teeth.

Ask About our One-Hour Cosmetic Makeover

When you have issues with your teeth and want to realize the best outcomes in the soonest possible time, consider our one-hour cosmetic makeover package. Whether you have chipped teeth that we can fix using veneers, yellowed teeth that make you embarrassed to smile or any other cosmetic dental issues, our dentists can address the issue both quickly and permanently.

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When you have a smile you consider less than pleasing, contact The Healthy Smile dental center in Bay Village, OH, today. We can be reached via phone at 440-892-1810 or by filling out our online appointment request form online.

Our knowledgeable staff can work through determining which procedures may be covered by insurance and those which patients will have to pay out of pocket. We’ll also walk you through various payment plan issues so you have access to all of the cosmetic dentistry services you need.

We’re located near Walgreens and Subway at 27239 Wolf Road and offer various appointment times including early morning, during the daytime and early evening times to accommodate your schedule. Call today to begin your cosmetic dentistry journey.

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