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White Fillings in Bay Village, Ohio

One of the most common dental issues that patients experience is cavities. At the Healthy Smile in Bay Village, Ohio, our staff can detect those cavities and create a treatment plan using white fillings or composite fillings to address that issue. Additionally, our dentists can work quickly to treat those cavities and alleviate any pain they may be causing you. When you visit our office, we can also determine whether those cavities are more problematic to fill and suggest crowns as necessary to leave you pain-free and with the best smile possible.

Using White Fillings to Address Cavities

White fillings are the most common way to correct the cavities you are currently experiencing. This type of composite filling is both durable to last a long time and resistant to fracturing that advanced cavities may experience. Composite fillings are crafted from a mixture of plastics and ceramics designed to perfectly match your tooth color and seamlessly blend in. Additionally, composite fillings readily adhere to your tooth surface, bonding with your teeth to restore your smile.

Durable White Composite Fillings

At The Healthy Smile dental center in Bay Village, Ohio, our cavity treatment protocols ensure the final result will stand the test of time. That means that once a cavity is filled, the filling will not degrade or need to be replaced for many years. In addition, composite fillings require less drilling before the filling is placed. When you add in the comfortable and stress-free environment we’ve created for our patients, the process of addressing patient cavities is streamlined and effective, ensuring patients with dental phobias or anxieties have nothing to fear.

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Whether you suspect you may already have a cavity, are overdue for an exam or simply looking for a new dentist, call our dental office today at 440-892-1810 to schedule your appointment. Our staff can find a time that works for your busy schedule. In addition to hours during the workday, we also offer early morning and later evening appointments so you don’t have to miss work or school to restore your smile.

The Healthy Smile dental office in Bay Village, Ohio, is conveniently located at 27239 Wolf Road, near the Subway and Walgreens. Our staff will work through your insurance approval process or help you learn about alternative payment plans and options.