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Prep-Less Dental Veneers

Have you always wanted a dazzling smile, the kind that makes you feel confident and special? Maybe your teeth are damaged or you have unsightly gaps between them.

Maybe you’ve looked into porcelain veneers in the past but stepped away because of the high cost or out of concern at the idea of having enamel removed from your teeth or even having your teeth removed.

At The Healthy Smile, we offer alternatives to traditional porcelain veneers that change your entire smile without any grinding or cutting of your teeth. These Prepare-Less veneers also cost significantly less than porcelain veneers without sacrificing the bright, natural look you want.

When Are Veneers the Right Solution?

Prepare-Less veneers can be the right solution for you if you hope to correct any of the following dental issues:

Prepare-Less veneers repair the rough edges or unattractive surfaces of teeth to make them look whole and beautiful. Just like traditional porcelain veneers, Prepare-Less veneers bond directly to the surface of your tooth, but the procedure involved is less difficult, faster and far more comfortable.

Another Solution: Snap-On Smile

You can transform your smile without undergoing the procedure required for even Prepare-Less veneers when you choose Snap-On Smile, a customized prosthetic that snaps right on to your back teeth to give you an instant smile.

The advantages of Snap-On Smile include the speed of transforming your look, the lower cost and the simplicity of use. Snap-On Smile can be an ideal alternative to dentures, as long as you have back teeth present to support them. If you’re missing teeth, they’re a great choice.

Snap-On Smile teeth, which fit right over your existing teeth, also protect teeth that have been damaged by TMJ problems. They’re easy to put in and remove at any time — which is probably why so many actors use them to change the look of their smile when playing roles on screen.

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